XQR-30 Publications

Satyavolu S., Eilers A.-C., Kulkarni G., et al. New quasar proximity zone size measurements at z~6 using the enlarged XQR-30 sample, 2023 (accepted for publication in MNRAS)

Bischetti M., Fiore F., Feruglio C., D’Odorico V., et al., The fraction and kinematics of broad absorption line quasars across cosmic time, 2023 (Accepted for publication in ApJ)

Davies R. L., Ryan-Weber E., D’Odorico V., et al., The XQR-30 Metal Absorber Catalog: 778 Absorption Systems Spanning 2 < z < 6.5, 2023, MNRAS, 521, 289 

Bischetti M., Feruglio C., D’Odorico V., et al. Suppression of black-hole growth by strong outflows at redshifts 5.8-6.6, 2022, Nature 605, 244